About Us

We Landvision Eshwaramma Foundation Started our Journey in 2020 June 15th for a Better Human being Society Creation Perpous Adding with More Hands with Charming Smiles Join hands to gather For Supporting and creating a Better Environmental Society

The aims and objectives:

  • To Provide and facilitate Women empowerment programmes and training programmes along with associating related women empowerment programs done by government bodies and private bodies.
  • Supprting Girl Child education by way of providing scholorships for primary education or higher education. Associating with related activity groups to encourage and promote Girl child education.
  • Building and providing shelter to old people like oldage homes to old and homeless people and all related activities.
  • To provide Employment for youth by conducting education camps, knowledge seminars, interview sessions and bridging the vacancies available at corporates. This shall be a regular activity and the foundation shall run the same either through own funds or from Donations collected from various parties.
  • To provide Scholar ship towards education.
  • To Identify needy students and support their education, books, hostel, uniform, and related necessities.
  • To help various educational institutions towards enhancing education facilities
  • To start & run schools, Colleges, other educational institutions for the benefit of children, women, and such needy people.
  • To run Yoga, meditation classes, life skill classes and other classes which strengthen the Indian culture and to inculcate values in young mind/ future generation of India.
  • To provide assistance towards health care of needy people either through existing establishments or through starting new health care centers
  • To provide help and assistance to implement any schemes for providing livelihood upliftment of the needy people.
  • To organize various facilities and programs for the purpose of providing better social living standards for the needy people.
  • To support Rebuilding & Renovations of Schools/colleges/health establishments/ old age homes and all such related
  • To protect cows by running Goshalas.
  • To take-up the programs to bring Awareness among the people about the environment. To save environment by plantation, say no to plastic.
  • To acquire immovable, movable properties by purchase, lease, mortgage, gifts, grants, legacies, exchange, right privilege from any person , company, society, government, corporate bodies or institutions.
  • To establish, manage and maintain community centers and welfare organizations for the mother and newborn child.
  • To have printed published or made any newspaper, periodical, leaflet, book, film, or other material that the Trust may decide is desirable for the promotion of its objects.
  • To promote projects and to invest the net proceeds to further the objects of the Trust.
  • To sponsor any research, report, conference, congress or like proceedings for the promotion of its objects.
  • To take such steps by personal or written appeals, public meetings, or otherwise, as may from time to time be deemed expedient for the purposes of procuring contributions to the funds of the Trust in the shape of donations, annual subscriptions or otherwise.
  • The benefits of the Trust are open to all irrespective of caste, creed, religion and Gender
About Us

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